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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Oct 27, 2008 6:42am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: 1977 Observations

1. I think part of the reason for the long gaps between songs in '77 (to be fair, it's just a 1st set problem) was that they were trying--and I think VERY successfully--to be "just exactly perfect" in their execution and performance that year and it shows. Yes, the long pauses are annoying, but most sources cut those out, and as you did, they can be edited out. I think it's very much by design that so many '77 shows--esp. May--are so crisp and tight and well played. Look at 5-25-77 as a perfect example. Personally, I'd rather them take the time between songs and get it right when they DO play, rather than suffer through another 1985 mumble-fest of Jerry forgetting almost every word to "Row Jimmy."

2.Keith shoulda stuck to the acoustic piano of the first part of the year, no question. But I don;'t think the switch negates some of the firepower of the fall tour. They were still blazing away and you could make the argument that the Fall shows (10/29/77, 11/6/77, The December Winterland shows) had more "oomph" than the spring and summer shows, if not being as technically perfect in execution.

3. Wish the sources for Fall were better as well. Nothing sounds as pristine as those Betty Board shows from May '77, and my favorite all time show of 10/29/77 could really use that kind of crystal clear source.

4. As Rings and Bells pointed out, my ONLY problem with '77 (it IS my favorite year by far) is that the set lists are generally very uniform and not very daring (for an exception there is the 4/23/77 of the great set lists and shows of all time). But I also think the likeness of the shows in '77 added to the fact that they were so well played. They knew the material up down and backwards and were therefore confident enough to add jamming improvs to the mix that made the songs themselves quite thrilling even if the set lists night to night didn't vary much.